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Why Use a Citronella Dog Collar

By Steve Madigan

The citronella dog training collar is to promote habits in your pet that you want and get rid of the unwanted behavior. You can use the citronella dog collar to keep the pet from running away or stop annoying barking and even keep the dog in a certain area of the house or yard. You can use the anti barking collar on puppies and when it is used with a buried fence, the citronella dog collar will emit a spray if the dog or puppy gets close to the buried fence line. The citronella dog training beeper collar is felt as being a more humane way of training pets when compared to the older shock collars that have been used.

Methods of Using the Citronella Anti Barking Collar

The older dog training collars would emit an electric shock if the pet behaved wrong by maybe barking to much or had reached the buried fence line. The new citronella dog bark collar, which can be called a dog training beeper collar since it emits a chirp prior to emitting the citronella spray. This way the dog knows by the chirp and then the spray that he / she had behaved incorrectly.The anti bark collar using the citronella spray is a natural spray that is not offensive to humans. The dog training beeper collar is distractive to the pet and warns them of any negative behavior that they are doing.When you start to use the citronella dog collar, you and your pet understand a proper level of behavior. You know that you can feel good, because your pet is starting to learn in a productive and relaxed manner to both of you. The citronella dog collar is like having an invisible electronic leash.

What the Citronella Anti Barking Collar is Not

The dog training beeper collar is a training tool. You must want to work with your pet to improve his / her behavior. The citronella dog collar is not a babysitting device.Don't think that you can put the anti bark collar on the dog and all of a sudden the animal is behaving. You are totally wrong if you think this. You have to work with the pet and teach the pet the correct behavior, while the dog is wearing the citronella dog collar. What you don't want to do is hurt the pet while they are wearing the remote dog training collar. You must read the instruction manual prior to installing the citronella dog bark collar on the animal. Using the citronella dog collar is a very humane way of training your pet. The collar will teach your pet the behaviors that you want to see. When the citronella anti barking dog collar is used correctly, the dog and you will avoid confusion and will teach the pet the behaviors that you want.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Steve_Madigan

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