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Citronella And Training Your Dog

By Trish Gudgion

Is your dog a great and loving pet except for one or two 'little problems'? Like digging under or jumping over the fence and annoying the neighbor's cat, lying on your brand new sofa every time your back is turned, chewing the woodwork, stealing or barking at the top of his voice every time you're out of sight?

These are all common problems that often result in tears and pain for both confused dogs and frustrated owners. Citronella is safe and harmless - the spray is only triggered when your dog misbehaves, so he soon learns to stop the undesirable behavior. Several types of citronella training aids are available depending on your dog's problems.

Anti Bark collars automatically trigger a short spray when the dog barks - for the dog who barks when you're not around. Collars are also available with remote control so that you can decide when the spray should be activated. These are especially effective in treating chewing and stealing behaviors and allow much closer control over your dog's training.

Virtual Barriers and Fences - these are great ideas for indoor and outdoor use to teach your dog not to use the sofa etc or to help keep him away from your fences and prevent him escaping. A warning sound is given off from a transmitter as the dog approaches the area covered by the transmitter and if he ignores this a spray is triggered from his collar - dogs soon learn the meaning of the audible warning and new behavior is learned.

Its a good idea to reinforce good behavior with positive attention, but remember to allow the spray to do its job and don't react to unwanted behavior unless absolutely necessary - negative attention can also reinforce bad behavior! Please take advice before undertaking any training method for the first time.

I must mention here that Spray Collars training has nothing to do with 'shock' collars. I'm sure most dog owners would prefer a happy well-adjusted and well behaved dog, trained safely and without pain.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Trish_Gudgion

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