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3 Top Methods Of Natural Pest Control

By Wade Robins

Pest control is high on our list when we are looking to keep the pests out of our home and yard. Every year we go through the tasks of pest control and a lot of us don't like to use pesticides because of the toxic level of the product. We would rather have a natural pest control method that is effective. Luckily there are plenty of natural methods to pest control. First it will depend upon the type of pests you have.

If you are looking to kill bugs with a natural pest control method you will want to have flypaper, glue paper, bug lamps, and citronella candles. Most bugs are attracted by sweet scents so if you lay down some glue paper around your home or even near the doors outside chances are you will get the pests before they have a chance to infiltrate your home.

More Products For Natural Pest Control

Other helpful products include calcium products, corn gluten, molasses, and aeration of the soil. Each method will help you keep all sorts of pests away from your home and land without having to use pesticides that are toxic.

Another natural pest control method involves electronic devices that work off of ultrasonic sound where the pests are turned away by the frequency because it is an unpleasant noise for them.

Peppermint and similar herbs have been found to get rid of pests as a natural pest control method. Peppermint, spearmint, catnip, and other herbs combined with apple cider vinegar creates a natural pest control spray that effectively kills bugs or at least turns them away from your property.

Use Of Oils

There are also oils that can be used for natural pest control methods. Essential oils can be toxic or painful to the touch. So you need to dilute the formula and make sure kids and pets are kept from the area you are using the spray. It is pest to use the herb rather than these oils to make sure that you are not creating something harmful to your family. After all your purpose it to keep your family and pets safe from pesticides you don't want to bring something equally as dangerous into your home.

Use Of Herbs

There are also herbs that you can use to keep flying insects away. Basil is a natural pest control repellant. It is like citronella where the fumes of the basil will keep the mosquitoes and other flying insects from ruining a great picnic. Other methods of keeping flying insects from you home will include having screens on all the windows. The screens should be in great shape with no holes that the insects can get through. The screens if properly installed will keep the bugs at bay.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Wade_Robins

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